UFC 156    February 2, 2013
Demian Maia
Al Powers for ESPN.com


Demian Maia has had two impressive fights at 170 pounds -- but they've also been very short. A Jon Fitch fight is (typically) a marathon, not a sprint. Few are better at exhausting and breaking down opponents. He's a nonstop grind. My guess is Maia's gas tank is fine at this weight, the cut doesn't appear to bother him, but we won't know for sure until we see him go past the two-minute mark. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a standup fight, because it will be ugly. Maia especially is fairly awkward throwing punches and relatively ineffective. He's relied heavily on his grappling so far at welterweight, though, and we know Fitch does the same. Expect lots of clinching, scrambles and grappling exchanges here.