UFC 157    February 23, 2013
Josh Koscheck
Josh Hedges/Getty Images


Robbie Lawler's left hand is a terrifying weapon, but it's somewhat crippled by two things. First, he doesn't throw it enough. Lawler, unlike maybe any other fighter, tends to fall into deep lulls of inactivity, which allows his opponent to get in rhythm. The second is his cardio. Lawler is especially dangerous early in a fight, but against elite competitors who push the pace, he fades. Josh Koscheck should do exactly that in this fight -- push. It can be risky moving forward on a deadly striker like Lawler, but Koscheck is a veteran with effective level changes. Lawler actually possesses good takedown defense, but even if he doesn't end up on the ground, he can't throw punches as well in a scramble and it wears on his cardio.