UFC on FOX 7    April 20, 2013
Daniel Cormier vs Jeff Monson
Ric Fogel for ESPN.com


Frank Mir needs a trick up his sleeve. Daniel Cormier is not a hands-down better martial artist here, but stylistically he's the clear favorite. Mir's stand-up consists of his kicks, and he'll fake a level change and come over the top with big punches. Couple of problems with that: Cormier likely won't react to Mir's level changes as much as others and he's got such good head movement, you can't load up on one punch and expect to tag him. Mir's advantage lies in his experience and his submission game. If Cormier falls asleep for a tenth of a second, it's bad -- but thing is, beyond maybe pulling guard, how does Mir get him down in the first place?