UFC 160    May 25, 2013
Josh Hedges/Getty Images


Eeesh. You know those busted cars that Monster Trucks drive over? Do they ever rebuild those cars after a show and use them again? I don't know, but this is about the MMA equivalent to that. Antonio Silva is a nice heavyweight, but he's not beating Cain Velasquez. Let's be real. Silva's strength is getting a guy down and hammering him from top position. He has bounce in his standup and a nice right hand up the middle, but it's going to look like he's underwater against Velasquez. Compared to the champ, he's slow and despite holding a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he's never proven to be dangerous off his back. When Velasquez sells out on a takedown, he's relentless and Silva doesn't have the athleticism to stay up.
-- Brett Okamoto