UFC 160    May 25, 2013
Glover Teixeira
Ross Dettman for ESPN


The lead character in this fight is Glover Teixeira, but seriously, don't sleep on James Te-Huna. This is a major opportunity for him, and he's got that cold, calm demeanor that says he won't be rattled by it. Te-Huna's boxing is superb. No wasted punches. He finds his range, reacts to what is, and throws in combinations. Problem is, that's mostly the extent of his offense. He's explosive, so he will lean on guys and maybe even take them down, but Teixeira has more ways to win. His ground-and-pound is dirty, man. Dirty. And he's got a grappling game to go with it. His best weapon standing is a tight left hook that cracks on impact. Both can take a punch and hang in for three rounds.