UFC 168    December 28, 2013
Ronda Rousey
David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images


Ronda Rousey is not invincible. She's athletic, technically awesome at what she does and unafraid of a fight -- but she's not invincible. Miesha Tate is not the athlete Rousey is, but she's not helpless against her style. There's a difference between going to the ground with Rousey and being taken down by her. If Tate can fight off those judo throws and take Rousey down on her terms, that's OK -- if she get's thrown on her back, that's not OK. That usually means game over. Tate is aggressive, but she's got to do things under control here and keep her balance. If she beats Rousey in a scramble and gets top position, she will have won a major battle already.


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