MMA Power Rankings: Flyweight

Updated: October 1, 2014, 6:28 PM ET
Wednesday, October 1
Weight Class:

According to Demetrious Johnson and his camp, their goal is not confined to title defenses or winning streaks. The goal is to become a perfect martial artist -- or at least as close to perfection as this sport allows. That includes finishes. Matt Hume, Johnson's head trainer, told "If you're creating the perfect martial artist, that means at some point in a 25-minute fight, you should identify an opponent's weakness and finish the bout."

That doesn't necessarily mean Johnson is guaranteeing a finish every time, but it has become an expectation. That's how, he says, he'll stay motivated in a fight like his last one, against Chris Cariaso at UFC 178, who was given an implied odds of 6.25 percent to win the bout by oddsmakers.