Power Rankings: Heavyweight

Updated: March 5, 2013, 11:08 AM ET
Tuesday, March 5
Weight Class:

What can you say about Mark Hunt? The guy was an obligation that the UFC had to deal with from the Pride transaction back in the day. He came into the fold with a 5-6 MMA record, and promptly lost to Sean McCorkle at UFC 119 in a lackluster effort. That should have spelled the end, right? Ha! Who'd have thought that Hunt would storm back, put together four wins in a row against incrementally stiffer competition, and find himself in the title hunt in 2013? Hollywood couldn't write this kind of story. Only a resilient New Zealander could. Right now Hunt has the longest winning streak in the heavyweight division. His knockout of Stefan Struve won't soon be forgotten, either -- that left cross that broke Struve's jaw was a thing of violent beauty. What happens next for him? For starters, he cracks into this week's Heavyweight Power Rankings. After that? In his own words, he'll take a "top-five [guy] or whatever, man."