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Light Heavyweight

Updated: April 9, 2013, 11:34 AM ET
Monday, April 8
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Yes, it was meant to be an Alexander Gustafsson showcase -- short of that, it was a breakout debut for Gegard Mousasi. There was plenty in the way of main event storylines for the UFC's return to Sweden before the "cut that changed it all." Mousasi handled his business against Ilir Latifi, a Swede who volunteered himself to be a recipient of a steady incoming jab for 15 straight minutes. Rocky-esque? Not quite. Mousasi's performance wasn't enough to make the record skip, either, though it was made more impressive with the knowledge that he had suffered a knee injury in training camp.

Bottom line is: He had a successful UFC debut (read: he avoided disaster). He'll need some time to recover from the knee issue. As for Gustafsson? He should be ready for a fight in the very near future. The inclination might be to stack him up against the Dan Henderson/Rashad Evans winner to establish a true No. 1 contender (presuming Lyoto Machida looms for the winner of Jon Jones/Chael Sonnen). Complicated? You bet. The light heavyweight division feels most at home in a perpetual state of haziness.