MMA Power Rankings -- LIGHTWEIGHT

Updated: August 10, 2012, 9:07 AM ET
By staff |
Thursday, Aug. 9
Weight Class:

Frankie Edgar isn't the biggest man in the division (he's more likely smallest), but he presents major challenges to anybody he faces. It's up to Benson Henderson to try and solve Edgar a second time at UFC 150. That has been no easy chore for guys like Gray Maynard or B.J. Penn, both who found themselves worn down over the course of time by pride of Toms River. Simply put, Edgar's constant movement and in-and-out striking causes fits for opponents.

As for Henderson, Edgar is the first in a long series of big-named lightweights that must be dealt with. Henderson has a big picture goal of shattering Anderson Silva's winning streak, wherever that leaves off. That is both audacious and intriguing, considering Bendo hasn't yet defended the title even once. But the intrigue is that he looks that good. The bigger, stronger, more athletic Henderson benefitted from a well-timed upkick at UFC 144 when the two faced each other, and might have ample opportunity to land a big shot in this one. Edgar, for all of his heart, is prone to taking big shots (usually early).

Otherwise, Donald Cerrone is in action with Melvin Guillard, a thrill fight on paper with guaranteed excitement. Should Cerrone prevail, there are any number of guys he could see next. One name in particular is Anthony Pettis, who is getting tired of hearing "Cowboy" run his mouth. And if there was a fight that might look more explosive than Cerrone/Guillard, it's Cerrone/Pettis.

These are fun times in the lightweight division.