Power Rankings: Middleweight

Updated: September 13, 2013, 10:27 AM ET
Wednesday, Sept. 11
Weight Class:

Try very hard to put down the shiny, fun toy that is Chris Weidman versus Anderson Silva II for a minute and focus on Ronaldo Souza. Yushin Okami is occasionally guilty of looking critically unimpressive in certain fights, but we need to give credit to Souza for acknowledging the expectations on him heading into that Okami bout and raising them. Well done. Now, you're leaving us? The light heavyweight division is in need of talent, but so is middleweight. Jumping weight classes seems to be the latest fad in martial arts, and of course Souza has been very clear he won't fight his friend and teammate Anderson Silva, but seeing the most explosive new talent in the UFC middleweight division in years jump weight classes after just two fights seems ... sad. Please stay, Jacare.