MMA Power Rankings -- POUND-FOR-POUND

Updated: February 28, 2012, 6:40 AM ET
By staff |
Monday, Feb. 27
Weight Class:

After he beat Gray Maynard at UFC 137, Dana White gushed about too-small Frankie Edgar's heart and standing in the literal pound-for-pound rankings. He said that Edgar was No. 3 behind Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre because, in the strict definition of the term, Edgar maximized every pound available to him. He was, pound-for-pound, incredible.

Well, that's still the case after his title loss to Benson Henderson at UFC 144. Edgar was all guts and brawn against yet another outsized opponent and gave Bendo all he could handle for five rounds, even after eating an upkick that would have knocked out lesser men in the second. Now the chorus is split -- some want to see a rematch between Edgar and Henderson, others want to see Edgar drop down to 145 pounds and challenge dynamic striker Jose Aldo for the featherweight belt. In either case, it's still hard to pick against Edgar.

But Henderson deserves his due, not only for being the more effective striker against Edgar, but for looking as fresh after the fifth round as he did after the first. When asked by his corner if he could give them five more minutes, he said "I've got 15." That's a pretty incredible athlete right there, and he debuts in this week's P4P Power Rankings.