MMA Power Rankings -- POUND-FOR-POUND

Updated: August 16, 2012, 10:04 AM ET
By staff |
Wednesday, Aug. 15
Weight Class:

Though it's being overlooked a little bit because Jon Jones has been indestructible, UFC 151 has major ramifications. It's not just win/lose for Jones, it's his overall bearings that come into play. Should he defeat 41-year-old Dan Henderson, the 205-pound light-heavyweight division will shrink behind him, and you'd have to think that Jones would be peeking at heavyweight (or maybe a superfight with Anderson Silva). It's possible, too, that he just fights Lyoto Machida as the UFC insists. That's a bridge we'll cross on Sept. 2, when the Henderson fight is over.

But as much as the fight could sway Jones to bolt, it's triply as big for Henderson, who could solidify himself as perhaps one of the greatest MMA practitioners of all time. Imagine if Henderson lands that "H-Bomb" and downs Jones. Suddenly Henderson -- who already has beaten a long list of legends -- enters GOAT discussion. It's hard to imagine for everybody who has watched Jones walk through his competition thus far, but Henderson has the equalizer in his right hand. And he has a notion that he'll be the first to take down Jones. How will it play out?

Maybe the most we can hope for is that it's competitive. But then again, Henderson never has been a pushover, so why would he be in this case?

Meanwhile, Frankie Edgar took a split decision loss to lightweight champion Ben Henderson and didn't suffer a hit in the rankings because of it. Edgar got his at UFC 150 and was up to the task of thwarting Ben Henderson on about every level. If the other two judges saw the same fight judge Tony Weeks did, we'd be talking about Edgar's chances against Nate Diaz. Instead, we wonder if he's headed to 145 pounds as UFC president Dana White wants, and if it'll be a title shot out of the gate.