Power Rankings: Pound-for-pound

Updated: February 6, 2013, 4:58 PM ET
Sunday, Feb. 3
Weight Class:

In the most pitch-perfect sense, Frankie Edgar is a true pound-for-pound champion. He fights guys bigger than him and either (A) beats them, (B) beats them and still loses, or (C) makes them earn the victory by introducing the concept of "deep water." But the official line is: He's lost three fights in a row. He's lost in two different weight classes (155 and 145) as well. He's lost to champions, yes, and he's lost to them closely (controversially even), but the fact stands. What does he do? He's got options. He can stay right where he is, and find a challenge against a guy like Dustin Poirier or the Korean Zombie. He can go back to his "home" of 155 pounds, where he's happiest (and reinvented again, should Melendez beat Henderson in April). Or he can do what is still an obvious feasibility: He can move one more class down, to bantamweight, where guys like Dominick Cruz, Renan Barao and Michael McDonald would wait. For now he drops to the bottom of the Pound-for-Pound Power Rankings. But there are ways back. And if anybody knows those routes, it's New Jersey's own Frankie Edgar.