Power Rankings: Pound-for-pound

Updated: May 7, 2013, 10:55 AM ET
Tuesday, April 30
Weight Class:

It was a good win, Jon Jones. We expected as much, but props for taking care of business against Chael Sonnen (mangled toe and all). Watching Jones absolutely dominate at UFC 159, one couldn't help but think of Anderson Silva -- the only man still ranked ahead of Jones in the, "Best fighter in the world" category. As of right now, there are three ways Jones passes Silva on this list: 1. Fight him and beat him. 2. Move to heavyweight and dominate a higher weight class. 3. Silva retires. What's weird is, within, what, two to three years? All may have happened. On the other hand, if Silva wants to stay ahead of Jones in terms of "Greatest Ever," there's only one option for him -- prove he can beat him in the Octagon. Let's see it.