Power Rankings: Pound-for-pound

Updated: July 9, 2013, 6:00 PM ET
Tuesday, July 9
Weight Class:

You know who was sitting cageside to witness firsthand the downfall of Anderson Silva? Jon Jones. You know what his reaction was? Like someone had just stolen the new bike he got for Christmas. Forget the superfight talk; embrace the rematch talk. Every fighter comes to a crossroads in his or her career and it's safe to say Silva has reached that point. Silva, 38, either comes back with a vengeance from this or he doesn't. He's no longer the pound-for-pound king. That title now rests with Jones. In fact, Silva's not even in the top three anymore. His rank as the "greatest of all time," that's still intact, but we'll have to see how he chooses to finish out his career. Should he turn down a rematch with Chris Weidman or goof around again in a second fight, there's a chance he may start to tarnish something we all thought was untarnishable. By the way, a previously unranked Weidman debuts at No. 5.