MMA Power Rankings -- WELTERWEIGHT

Updated: June 4, 2012, 7:03 AM ET
By staff |
Monday, June 4
Weight Class:

In a topsy-turvy welterweight division where nothing is quite as it seems, Martin Kampmann's upset victory over Jake Ellenberger is par for the course. Coming in, Ellenberger had won six fights in a row and was biding his time for a shot at the UFC gold. Problem was, there's a waiting list for Georges St. Pierre's prize, and Carlos Condit's placeholder belt isn't up for grabs either -- not until things get settled with GSP. So Ellenberger, much like Johny Hendricks, has no other choice but to stay busy.

As for Kampmann? Well, he made the most of his perch and trampolined into the spot that Ellenberger occupied with one resounding knee. Forget that Ellenberger had beaten Jake Shields and Diego Sanchez, both of whom beat Kampmann recently, he was able to leapfrog Ellenberger in the Power Rankings by persevering through an early "Juggernaut" onslaught. Suddenly Kampmann is the comeback kid in the division, after having come back late against Thiago Alves and now withstanding Ellenberger.

The road to a title shot for Ellenberger just got a little longer, and he slips a little in this week's Power Rankings. Yet Kampmann heads north and looks poised for a fight against Hendricks for the right to face the winner of St. Pierre/Condit.

Sound crazy? It gets crazier. By the time all these scenarios play out there will be other intrigue. Nick Diaz will be coming back from his suspension, and upstart Rory MacDonald might have something to say about the pecking order if he keeps laying it on guys like he has been. MacDonald is the 2011 edition of Jon Jones at 170 pounds. MacDonald looks like the foil to all plans.

How does it all play out? In the 170-pound weight class, you just never know.