MMA Power Rankings

Updated: January 16, 2012, 10:37 AM ET
By staff |
Monday, Jan. 16
Weight Class:

After UFC 136 in Houston, Dana White told the media that, regardless of what anybody thought, Frankie Edgar is No. 2 on the pound-for-pound list. When you really thought about it by strict definition, this actually rang true. Edgar, who cuts a few pounds to make weight, gets more from his 155-pound frame than all the challengers, who cut upwards of 25 pounds to fight him.

There was another guy on the stage that night that belongs in the conversation, too. That's Jose Aldo, who beat Kenny Florian.

After a fantastic knockout of Chad Mendes at UFC 142 in Rio, you can't help but wonder who's left out there for Aldo. Is it Hatsu Hioki, who looked fairly pedestrian in his UFC debut against George Roop? He faces Bart Palaszewski in February. Maybe a long shot like Chan Sung Jung? The bottom line is, there isn't a clear-cut challenge out there for the featherweight champion. And that he's dominating every guy they stick in there with him means Aldo has more than made a case that he belongs in top-5 pound-for-pound discussion.

With Anderson Silva (bursitis) and Georges St. Pierre (knee) sidelined for the first half of 2012, Jon Jones has a chance to make 2012 all about him (not unlike 2011). He has informed the UFC that he is ready to fight sooner rather than later, and looks primed for a showdown with either Rashad Evans or Dan Henderson in the spring. A champion on the verge of superstardom who can't stay out of the ring? Must seem like a dream come true to the UFC.