Power Rankings: Pound-for-pound

Updated: March 19, 2013, 6:58 AM ET
Monday, March 18
Weight Class:

Georges St-Pierre is one of the most dominant champions we've ever seen in the UFC. How dominant is he? Start with the fact that fans don't want to see him in rematches -- he beats guys so resoundingly the first time that second chances feel futile. Same thing at UFC 158. St-Pierre defended his title for the eighth time against Nick Diaz -- who not long ago was listed in these very Pound-For-Pound Power Rankings -- in a lopsided beatdown (a 50-45 decision on all scorecards). Though Diaz called for it, there won't be a rematch. And that was vintage St-Pierre on display in Montreal. He used athleticism, strategy and precision to dominate Diaz for all five rounds. If Johny Hendricks is next for St-Pierre, here's guessing it'll be a stiffer challenge. Hendricks has heavy hands, compact strength and wrestling, which is a specific combination the champion hasn't seen before. The question for St-Pierre's opponents is no longer "can they beat GSP," it's "can they compete with GSP?" There are a lot of people who think Hendricks can. Looks like the fight is going to happen. For now, the champion holds on to the No. 3 position in our P4P Power Rankings.