Saffiedine, Lim kick off new year


The first UFC event of 2014 was what it was, and we knew that going in.

If you woke up early Saturday morning to watch this event, you either (A) love mixed martial arts and the UFC so much you don't miss a single fight, (B) are 100 percent determined to squeeze every cent out of your $9.99 monthly Fight Pass subscription or (C) are a die-hard Tatsuya Kawajiri fan.

In any case, UFC Fight Night 34 delivered relatively satisfactory results. It was MMA after all, occurring at a time in your schedule when you really didn't need it but might just take it anyway.

At some point down the road, maybe when overhead drones are dropping off bags of toilet paper and Cheetos on doorsteps (and the pay model of home entertainment potentially changes), the role of Fight Pass will likely evolve.

For now, it gives the U.S. audience a chance to keep up with international action, which will include important divisional fights from time to time. It also acts as an automatic DVR, so no one has to channel surf and hit record to make sure they're covered.

If you want to see, and not just read about, the overeager Luiz Dutra ambush his own UFC debut, it's right there for you with your Fight Pass subscription.