Martin Kampmann wins finale

Martin Kampmann officially put himself in the welterweight title mix with a second-round knockout of Jake Ellenberger at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on Friday.

It was another case of Kampmann rebounding from near defeat.

Ellenberger came out aggressively in the first round and found Kampmann's jaw with a left hook. The punch sent Kampmann to the canvas, but he quickly recovered.

While on the canvas, Kampmann cleared his head to attempt a guillotine.

Kampmann's ability to survive would be useful again during second-round action.

Ellenberger again landed hard punches that sent Kampmann reeling and left his face a bloody mess. But Kampmann quickly answered with a short right hand to the chin that wobbled Ellenberger.

Kampmann (20-5) then landed two knees to the chin that dropped Ellenberger. Referee Steve Mazzagatti jumped in to wave the fight at the 1:40 mark.

"Usually [trainer Ray Sefo] slaps me around in the back," Kampmann said in an attempt to explain why he's been vulnerable recently to strikes early in fights. "I need to get punched.

"He forgot to smack me. Maybe next time he will slap me some more. I need to get punched to wake up."

Ellenberger drops to 27-6. His win streak ends at six.

Chiesa honors father by becoming TUF champ

Hours after securing a spot on "The Ultimate Fighter", lightweight Mike Chiesa received news that his father, Mark, had lost his battle with leukemia.

Mike Chiesa has carried the pain of his father's death with him ever since. But he vowed to honor his father by becoming TUF's 22nd champion.

He accomplished that goal with a first-round submission of Al Iaquinta.

The finish, via rear-naked choke, came at the 2:47 mark.

"This is actually what I wanted," Chiesa said with tears in his eyes. "It's been such a journey and I was not going to sell myself short of losing tonight. It wasn't an option; no way was I going to lose this fight."

Before applying the finish hold, Chiesa took several hard strikes from the aggressive Iaquinta. But he was able to get a body lock on Iaquinta and took him to the ground.

Chiesa (8-0) quickly got Iaquinta's back, and eventually put him to sleep for the victory.

Iaquinta falls to 5-2-1.

Oliveira submits Brookins, feels at home at 145

After testing the waters at lightweight, Jonathan Brookins and Charles Oliveira concluded their best chance to capture UFC gold is at 145 pounds.

Oliveira, however, is the one who took a step forward with a second-round submission win.

While Oliveira forced Brookins to tap at 2:42 with a guillotine, it was his sharp punches that allowed him to take control of the fight early.

He landed hard right hands during the opening two minutes that put Brookins on his heels in the first round. But Brookins answered with punches later in the stanza to bloody Oliveira's nose.

Brookins' offensive attack wasn't enough, however, to slow Oliveira, who is focused on becoming featherweight champion.

"This is my house, my family. I love it here, 145 pounds is my division," Oliveira said after improving to 16-2 with one no contest. "I'm going to take it step by step to get my belt."

Oliveira is now 2-0 at featherweight. Brookins, "The Ultimate Fighter" Season 12 winner at lightweight, slips to 13-5.

Lawrence's kick knocks out Cofer in third

Justin Lawrence entered his lightweight bout against John Cofer with only three pro MMA fights under his belt. But that didn't prevent the veteran kickboxer/boxer from becoming a highly regarded prospect.

And he didn't disappoint.

Lawrence (4-0) controlled Cofer during the first two rounds with pinpoint left hooks and right hands. But it was a kick to the chin that knocked out Cofer 19 seconds into the third round.

"My coaches told me to stop going straight back in the first round," Lawrence said.

Cofer was unable to close the gap often enough to get Lawrence on the ground.

Cofer falls to 8-3.