Vets no match for younger talent

It was a quiet weekend for mixed martial arts, with the only action of note happening Friday at Bellator's latest in Portland, Ore., where Joe Warren returned and another lightweight tournament commenced.

Serving as another apparent reminder that fighters with known names maintain a modicum of value late into their MMA careers, Bellator 101 showcased the likes of Marcus Davis, Rich Clementi and John Alessio.

All were average to better-than-average fighters in their day, though that moment for all three is long gone in the rearview mirror. Still, Bellator chose to promote them in the opening round of its latest offering, which didn't yield much in return.

Alexander Sarnavskiy trounced 40-year-old Marcus Davis, who was grayer, older and slower than ever before. Will Brooks beat up Alessio, leaving the 15-year veteran with, literally, one of the worst gashes ever on the left side of his face. Ricardo Tirloni outpointed Clementi, who seemed to hold little interest in actually fighting.

Only Saad Awad didn't need to defeat a washed-up UFC veteran to hit the semifinals -- he got there by dominating largely untested Englishman Martin Stapleton.

There wasn't much meat on the bone with this one, leaving a night of quarterfinal action feeling less like competition and more like a coronation for the men who strolled into the round of four.