2012 Rookie-Soph Scorecard: Team Chuck

Updated: February 25, 2012, 11:45 AM ET

Team Chuck grades by John Hollinger

Kyrie IrvingPG | Cleveland Cavaliers
Game MVP proved why he's likely to win Rookie of the Year and to be playing on Sunday at All-Star Weekend next year. Kyrie shot 3s like he was taking them off a rack, making all eight attempts and shooting 12-of-13 overall while also handing out a team-high nine assists for the winning side.
DeMarcus CousinsPF | Sacramento Kings
Somewhat ironic that Cousins was the only guy who seemed interested in defending at the start of the game. He seemed a little out of place in this track meet but managed to put up decent numbers (18 points, 11 rebounds) anyway.
Derrick WilliamsF | Minnesota Timberwolves
Had some fun banter going with Timberwolves teammate Ricky Rubio but struggled to get much of anything done on his own. Scored only two points in 18 minutes, and it seemed like he was actually trying to get some numbers.
Paul GeorgeSG | Indiana Pacers
George's up-to-the-elbow breakaway dunk was a nice preview for Saturday night's dunk contest and one of several slams on the evening. His 23 points were second only to Irving's 34.
MarShon BrooksSG | New Jersey Nets
Brooks didn't exactly shed his rep as a blind gunner, the signature moment coming when he passed up an open shot to dribble out to the 3-point line and shoot an air ball. He finished 1-of-5 on 2s, which is virtually impossible in a game like this.
John WallPG | Washington Wizards
He'll be a major factor in the highlight film with that game-closing, behind-the-back jam and a vicious lefty dunk earlier, but he also had some typically Wizardesque moments -- most notably when he robbed Derrick Favors of a basket by dunking a ball on the rim after the whistle.
Derrick FavorsPF | Utah Jazz
Didn't contribute much to the highlight reel but arguably Team Shaq's most effective player with 14 points in 14 minutes and nary a miss nor a turnover.

Evan TurnerSG | Philadelphia 76ers
Perhaps a little too gung ho about getting a triple-double at the end and still finished three assists shy. But Turner made 8-of-9 shots, had a game-high 11 boards and was a huge factor in building an early lead.
Gordon HaywardSG | Utah Jazz
Showed off his hops with a couple of at-the-square shot-blocks and contributed a quiet 14 points to the winning side's cause.