2012 NBA All-Star Game Scorecard: Skills Challenge

Updated: February 26, 2012, 2:26 PM ET
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Grades by John Hollinger

Kyrie IrvingPG | Cleveland Cavaliers
After making 8-of-8 3-pointers a night earlier, he finished last by missing three straight jumpers from the foul line in the opening round. However, his supporters will note that he faced much tougher defense than the night before.
Tony ParkerPG | San Antonio Spurs
My pre-event pick actually did the course much more slowly than I expected. His perfect run in the first round was just the third-fastest, and his final run time of 32.8 seconds was barely better than Rondo's, even with Rondo missing two more passes. But Parker was just more accurate than everyone else.
Rajon RondoPG | Boston Celtics
His perfect tie-breaker round against John Wall was the best time of the night at 27.5. We thought the jumper would be his problem, but he made 3 of 4; it was the three missed bounce passes in the final that cost him the crown by 1.8 seconds.
John WallPG | Washington Wizards
He missed two chest passes in the first round before his shaky jumper betrayed him in the tie-breaker against Rondo. He then channeled his inner JaVale McGee with a botched alley-oop dunk try at the end.
Russell WestbrookPG | Oklahoma City Thunder
He had only two misses but, in a rarity for Westbrook, he went too slowly: His run was a full second slower than that of John Wall or Rajon Rondo. One missed bounce pass and one missed jumper proved his undoing.
Deron WilliamsPG | New Jersey Nets
His perfect run in the first round was nearly a full second faster than Parker's, but his hope of a title was undone by four straight missed jumpers from the foul line in the finale.