Pau: 'Felt great' to face Marc in ASG

NEW YORK -- Pau and Marc Gasol fulfilled the dreams of basketball-loving brothers all over the world on Sunday night by becoming the first brothers ever to start against each other in the All-Star Game. After it was over, Pau acknowledged how much the experience meant to the Gasol family.

"It was a great feeling," Pau said. "Very unique, very special. It's something that has never happened, so I think it's pretty remarkable that we have been the first ones to actually do it. I'm very proud. It was an incredible experience to be able to share this time of moment with your brother."

The eyes of the basketball world were on the Gasols all weekend but especially on Sunday when the opening tip went up at Madison Square Garden, a tip won by Pau.

"The emotions were overflowing," Pau said. "It was a fun game, it was a special game for us. It was exciting. We were looking forward to it. It's hard to believe that it happened. We just both went out there and competed and played basketball, which we know how to do, so it was fun."

Marc echoed his brother's sentiments.

"Just seeing so many people happy and so many people supporting us," Marc told reporters. "My daughter came for the first time to a game. To me, that was really special. I know you guys probably don't care, but that made it even more special, if possible."

Pau, who finished with more points and rebounds (10 and 12) than Marc (six and 10) isn't sure exactly what kind of imprint the brothers' achievement will have on the game, but he is proud of the imprint he and Marc left on New York City this weekend.

"I don't know what kind of impact we're going to have or [the accomplishment] is going to have," Pau said. "It definitely felt great. It was exceptional, an incredible moment to share. I think this is a great, hopefully inspiring, thing, also for brothers that [think], 'Hey, we can make it, too, or we can have a successful career,' whether it's in the [basketball] profession or other professions. It's exciting. It's exciting to be able to go through this experience at this level."