Roster Reload: Dallas Mavericks

How do the Mavs help Nowitzki next season? Sign Chris Bosh

Updated: May 5, 2014, 11:18 AM ET
By Bradford Doolittle and Amin Elhassan | ESPN Insider

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They fought valiantly, they defied the odds, but ultimately, it just wasn't enough.

Dirk Nowitzki showed us he has a lot left in the tank, Monta Ellis taught us the midrange is alive and well in the NBA, and head coach Rick Carlisle did a masterful job of mixing up lineups to get a defensively weak roster to overachieve this season. One has to wonder if, had Dallas won its last regular-season game, we would be talking about the Mavs' huge upset of Oklahoma City in the first round.

But the San Antonio Spurs overcame an early scare to put Dallas away in seven games. Overall, the Mavs have a lot to be optimistic about; besides Nowitzki's timeless play, they have tremendous cap flexibility to refit and reload their roster. How could that look?