Who runs the floor best?

Transition is an art for LeBron James, Blake Griffin and the rest of this group

Updated: March 28, 2013, 8:44 PM ET
By Chris Palmer | ESPN Insider

Over the course of a game, the time a team spends on the fastbreak could be less than 90 seconds of actual game time. The average fastbreak takes about five seconds. That's roughly 12 transition possessions in a minute.That's one important minute. Winning the transition game, a product of both defensive and offensive efficiency, can go a long way toward winning the game itself. Individually, a well-rounded transition game can give a player's scoring average a sizable boost and force the defense to account for him at all times.

Fastbreaks aren't just about dunks. They require a player's entire skill set and can tip the balance of a game. Here's a look at six of the best transition players in the game and how they get it done.

LeBron James | F | Miami Heat
Transition stats: 6.12 ppg, 1.459 PPP, 76.6 percent
Strength: Power, great hands


Arguably the game's best in transition, James has the league's most impressive combination of strength and speed, and in the open court those tools become even more formidable. Among players with at least 75 fastbreak shot attempts, James averages the most points per possession in the league. When he crosses halfcourt and selects a direct line to the basket his speed in the open court is unrivaled in the NBA.