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1. Miami's Rally Caps Bizarre Night In Cleveland

By Brian Windhorst | ESPN.com

CLEVELAND -- During a winning streak that started in winter and has moved on to spring, the games are starting to run together for the Miami Heat. It's gone on so long, players sometimes have to pause to remember just how many games they've bagged in a row.

But when they're old men telling stories of these truly glory days, they will not forget Wednesday night. They'll catch glimpses of it in highlight shows and flashbacks. There's a chance it'll be the intro sequence when ESPN does a "30 for 30" film on this continuing run toward history.

"This was one of the most bizarre and unique days of my life," LeBron James said after the biggest comeback of his career involving the two teams he's played every game in that career with.

And there are some pretty unique days in James' catalogue. His Heat's 98-95 victory over the Cleveland Cavs featured a carbon dioxide tank condensation delay, a fan running onto the court to deliver a message to James, and don't forget a 27-point comeback that featured perhaps 10 of the most jaw-dropping minutes that will be played in the NBA this season.

LeBron James
David Liam Kyle/NBAE/Getty ImagesLeBron had his fourth triple-double of the season.

There is no use forecasting how much longer this Heat streak, now at 24 games, can go. If they can survive 12 road games and come back from 16 down in New York, 17 down in Boston and then 27 down to a motivated and undermanned Cleveland outfit, good luck handicapping it.

It would be like predicting two years ago -- when the Cavs fans showered James with so much visceral hate that the date would be burned on James' mind like a child's birthday or an anniversary -- that not only would James hear some cheers playing at Quicken Loans Arena in 2013 but have a fan accept incarceration to deliver a plea for him to return in free agency next year.

"It can't get no worse that it was on Dec. 2, 2010," James said before the game.

Yet during the third quarter when a young fan sprinted onto the floor wearing a T-shirt that read "We miss you" on the front and "2014 come back" on the back, James found himself drawn to him. The Heat's veteran head of security David Holcome, a man who is not to be messed with, wrapped the fan up before anything could happen.

But James walked over and patted him on the head as he was being led away.

"He said he missed me and come back please," James said. "I didn't have much time to say much because security got to him. They've got metal detectors here, right? So I knew I was OK."

Shortly before the game, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert tweeted a message aimed at Cavs fans and, perhaps, at James himself: "Cleveland Cavaliers young talent makes our future very bright. Clearly, LeBron's is as well. Time for everyone to focus on the road ahead."

Following the game, Heat owner Micky Arison tweeted a congratulations to the Cavs team and to Gilbert himself.

Just what the heck is going on here? Mortal enemies offering public gestures of goodwill toward each other. Cavs fans breaking the law to show James love. The Heat looking at a 27-point deficit on the fifth game of a road trip and taking the lead in 10 minutes of game time. James having one of the worst first halves of the season only to end up with a triple double. The Heat going on 50 days without a loss.

"After it becomes a thing," Chris Bosh said, "you don't want to lose anymore."

The Heat dubbed these last few games as the "reunion tour." Sunday they played in Toronto, Bosh's old haunt, and won. Monday they played in Boston, Ray Allen's former home, and won in a thriller. Wednesday they one-upped them all and put together one of the most remarkable games of the season thus far in James' old building.

"I didn't want to be the only guy to take an "L" on the reunion tour," said James, who scored 11 straight points in a 40-12 Heat run during the third and fourth quarters that reversed the game. "So I had to dig down."

As the streak carries on, the Heat keep finding new ways to motivate themselves. James didn't come out of the game in the second half. He was responsible for 39 points in those 24 minutes when you included his baskets, free throws and assists. He finished with 25 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists for his fourth triple-double of the season.

"That guy right there," said Dwyane Wade, nodding toward James' locker, "did not want to lose in this building, not tonight."

The night and the building and the city and the fourth-quarter score and the opponent and the standings and reality all aren't mattering much to the Heat anymore. The Cavs, playing without star Kyrie Irving and key rookie Dion Waiters, played brilliantly for so much of Wednesday's game as they pounded the Heat on the boards and shot the ball beautifully when running offense. Just like the scouting report says to do.

Coach Byron Scott maybe could have called a timeout earlier or made a different substitution of called a better play at the end when the Cavs had a chance to tie. But in all honesty, he just had to look down at the Heat bench and wave when it was over, his team had just been run over by a team on a numbing run with a fearless star pulling them along.

The Heat freight train just kept on going, where it stops nobody knows.

"What are we at? 24 games?" Wade said. "You kind of lose count. It's awesome to be in this position."

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