Updated: November 18, 2010, 7:54 PM ET

Oden, Blazers Face Big Questions

By John Hollinger

It's hard to call somebody a "victim" when they've made $20 million and mostly been an observer, but as has often been said over the past few years, none of this could have happened to a nicer guy. Moreover, he's a very self-aware one -- which many pro athletes aren't -- and that's made this worse for him than it would be for virtually anyone else.

The defining moment, for me, remains a little less than a year ago in a game against Houston. Greg Oden was lying on the Rose Garden Arena floor, with his kneecap several inches lower on his leg than kneecaps are supposed to be, and his first instinct was not to wonder, "Why me?" or to angrily curse the basketball gods.

It was to tell Roy, "I'm sorry."

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