Updated: February 20, 2011, 6:02 PM ET

Same Team? Celtics, Heat Play Nice ... For Now

By Michael Wallace

LOS ANGELES -- For one night, at least, LeBron James is willing to forgive Rajon Rondo for that pesky little peek into the Miami Heat's huddle during last Sunday's game in Boston.

And Celtics forward Kevin Garnett won't carry a grudge from that running forearm shiver that Dwyane Wade delivered his way in the lane on that flagrant foul last week. Gone, too -- at least momentarily -- is the bitterness, intensity and rage that have come to define what so far has been a one-sided rivalry between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.

Why? Because tonight at the Staples Center, the two top teams in the Eastern Conference have no choice but to unite for a common cause as East teammates in the All-Star Game.

James, Wade and Chris Bosh join Garnett, Rondo, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in the goal of helping the East team knock off Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin and the West squad for midseason bragging rights. And for now, that task is bigger than any level of beef between the Heat and Celtics.

"Right now, we come down here as allies," Pierce said of setting aside any grudges with the Heat. "Maybe we'll leave as enemies. But now we're allies. And it's all about having fun."

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Starry Night: All-Star Game Preview

D-Rose A Reluctant Star

By J.A. Adande

LOS ANGELES -- The most intriguing player in this All-Star Game is second-time participant Derrick Rose, a man who in many circles (including mine) is the top candidate for this season's Most Valuable Player, yet his deferential demeanor around the guys who've been through this weekend of hoops hype a few times makes you think he's a teenager who just transferred to a new high school.

"I feel like I'm still a rookie compared to all these guys," Rose said. "You look at KG [Kevin Garnett], this is like his 14th one. He's got so many stars on the back of his warm-up.

"It makes you want to fight to get more. Makes you want to go in and work out harder, just because you want to get to the All-Star Game the number of years the other guys did. "

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