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The untold LA story

It's been fun.

All of us at ESPN.com, TNT, ABC and everywhere else have now squeezed two seasons of psychoanalysis, speculation, jocularity, interviews, video, etc., etc. out of the Shaquille O'Neal-Kobe Bryant relationship.

And now we've finally had two things we didn't know for sure we would see: (1) the Hug Heard 'Round the World, as Shaq approached Kobe for a quick handshake before the game and soon thereafter the former teammates embraced, not once but twice; and (2) a win by Kobe's Lakers over Shaq's Heat, 100-92.

Meanwhile, we're missing one of the most surprising, even amazing stories of the season. More on that in a sec.

First, a whirlwind recap of where we've been, courtesy of Shaq and Kobe.

Last season, we had the Daddy Christmas game, as the Heat pulled out an OT win in L.A. when Kobe scored 42 but missed a game-winning jumper ... and then the more ordinary Miami home win over L.A. in March.

This season, Miami pulled out another tight win on Christmas, this time at home.

Each time, the Shaq-Kobe relationship seemed to grow ever frostier. The first Christmas game featured a slight pregame acknowledgement/fist-bump/half-hug, while a year later the two made no gesture toward one another.

During all of that, the two teams were giving us more mini-dramas than we could keep straight:

• The resignation of Rudy Tomjanovich and the subsequent return of Phil Jackson to the Lakers

• The Heat's inability to close out the Eastern Conference finals, which led to a summer of controversy

• Stan Van Gundy's resignation, with Pat Riley taking over and O'Neal being suspected of having a backstage role in the moves

• The resumption of the longtime Phil Jackson-Pat Riley rivalry

• The ongoing controversy about whether Bryant plays selfishly

• The debate about his 62-point night

• Kobe vs. LeBron

Gary Payton vs. Lamar Odom

• Shaq vs. Andrew Bynum(!)

• And much, much more

So what's the untold story?

Well, pardon me for bringing this back to basketball, and pardon me for bringing up something that's about as titillating as Rob Schneider, but hidden in all the drama is the reason for the rise of the Lakers as a credible team in the Western Conference.

It's not Kobe Bryant, as sensational as he's been.

It's not Lamar Odom, though he's been an often unsung hero this season.

It's not the triangle offense, or Phil Jackson's supposed ability to get players to play together.

No -- it's the team defense.

Don't buy it?

Last year, the Lakers were 29th (of 30 teams) in defense, according to John Hollinger's Defensive Efficiency rating, which is simply a measure of how many points a team allows per 100 possessions. They were a terrible defensive team, and they finished 34-48.

This year? Coming into Monday's games, the Lakers were tied for ninth in the league with the vaunted Pistons. They were ahead of Jerry Sloan's Jazz, Jeff Van Gundy's Rockets, Scott Skiles' Bulls and 17 other teams.

That's what Jackson has persuaded the Lakers to do -- play defense. He's getting the usual stellar effort out of Bryant, some strong defensive play out of Odom and Smush Parker and a surprising interior defensive presence in Kwame Brown. More than anything else, he's getting them to play hard.

The team's offense? It's a healthy 10th in the league, but that's actually down from last season's 7th-place finish.

So when the Lakers shut down the Heat on Monday, holding them to 92 points, it shouldn't have been a big surprise. Rather, it should have been the story.

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Doubles Trouble For Grizz

Spurs forward Tim Duncan, who registered his league-leading 30th double double, tangles with Grizzlies forward Pau Gasol, who dunked his way to 25 points. The Spurs took a 93-83 win in Memphis.

Why Redd's Got All-Star Cred

I have to put Michael Redd on the All-Star squad because he's averaging a career-high 24.7 points and most importantly, the Bucks (19-17) are winning. They've gone stretches without Mo Williams, T.J. Ford and Bobby Simmons and yet, Redd keeps them alive.

At first, I gave my final spot to Richard Hamilton, then I thought, "How can I leave Jason Kidd off?" Then I said, "Gilbert Arenas is averaging 29 points and six dimes. Am I nuts?"

I could easily pick this last spot out of a hat and be satisfied, but I guess I have to go with Arenas. His numbers are pretty ridiculous and his league-high turnover average (4.1) is less than one gaffe higher than Kidd's 3.29 miscues a night. It seems unthinkable to leave Kidd off -- I'm second-guessing myself as I type -- because he's still a top three PG in the league. But the East is so full of guards it's ridiculous.

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News And Notes

Players Meet After Being Soundly Beaten
"The Bucks' players stayed sequestered behind closed doors much longer than usual after their one-sided, 114-95 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night at the American Airlines Center. The players were rather tight-lipped about what was discussed other than to indicate that it was a time for some self-examination. ... 'We were re-evaluating ourselves, that's all,' guard Michael Redd." -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Euro Star Bemoans Lack Of Team Play
"Sarunas Jasikevicius, a legend in Europe, is bemoaning the lack of team play in the NBA. 'I'm enjoying it, I really am,' he said. 'But this is a players' league. In Europe, we played differently. We might not be so good individually, but we played more as a team. That's been very frustrating.' Pacers president Larry Bird understands. 'I feel for his frustration,' Bird said. 'I see it, too. He's won three (European) championships. He's been on teams that are very unselfish, move the ball and play hard every night. I'd love our team to do that.'" -- Detroit News

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Motion: Wolf Blitzing
ESPN.com's Chris Sheridan eyes Stephon Marbury's pain after a loss to the Timberwolves. If Steph can't play, the Knicks could slide.

Sheridan on Knicks

Reunion Arena

Shaq says hello to former teammate Kobe Bryant before the Lakers-Heat game, won by LA (100-92).

Extreme Behavior

Monday's Best
Elton Brand, Clippers forward: Seven blocks! Brand was on swat patrol in the 102-93 overtime win over the Jazz. Returned after missing two games with a sore right hip, helping the Clip cause with 35 points and 14 rebounds.


Monday's Worst
Ricky Davis, Celtics swingman -- Detroit's D, Rip Hamilton in particular, can crush you. Davis, averaging 20.8 ppg for the Green, put up a goose egg in 44 minutes. He missed all eight shots in a 94-84 loss. Runners-up: Kyle Korver and Earl Boykins, who both clanged 0-for-7 days.

Quote of the Day

"It's something that used to bother me in my first couple of years but at this point, I go into every game knowing I'm not going to get any calls, and just play through it."
-- Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich, after scoring 20 points in a 97-94 loss to Denver. Bulls GM John Paxson tried to confront the officials after the game, the AP reported

See how all 235 who played stacked up

-- Andrew Ayres

Chatting With Spurs' Stopper

Boris (CHILE): What do you think about guarding Manu Ginobili in the world cup ?
Bruce Bowen: I would welcome that. I would relish the opportunity to represent my country. It's a great honor, moreso than a high school, city or university. That would ratchet things up a little more and give me the extra incentive. I would REALLY love that. We used to see each other a lot in his first year and it's been enjoyable to go against him.

RK (motown): Bruce, how is like guaring Richard Hamilton, especially guarding him in all 7 games in the finals.
Bruce Bowen: Familiarity breeds more consistency when guarding a guy like that. When you're guarding someone like Rip for seven games you shouldn't be tricked by the way he comes off screens, and you want to try to limit the open catches he gets off those screens.

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Elias Says

The Rockets lost again without Tracy McGrady, dropping them to 0-12 in the games he has missed, as opposed to 12-12 when McGrady has played this season. McGrady has had the greatest effect on his team's record this season among players who have both played and missed at least 10 games.

The next-most influential player by this method is Andrei Kirilenko. The Jazz are 17-11 when he has played and 2-8 in the games he has missed.

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No Easy Cavalier Solution

Luke (Cleveland): With the Cavs struggling right now, what can the Cavs do to solve this? I think a trade is needed to help keep Cleveland in the playoff race.
John Hollinger: Cleveland's probelm is that they lost two starters and don't have much of a bench. Getting Sideshow Bob back should help, but they really need a defensive guy in the backcourt -- Luke Jackson isn't cutting the mustard and they're about three years too late on Ira Newble.

Chris (Vegas): John - what are some possible trade scenarios for the Jazz to bring in some guard help?
John Hollinger: It all depends on Boozer. I think Utah would be abundantly open to moving him, but first he has to play a few games and prove he's healthy. Otherwise the Jazz don't have many assets to throw into a deal -- I doubt they could get much for Kris Humphries.

Greg (LA): What do the Spurs have to do to be able to beat Detroit in the Finals?
John Hollinger: Basically, they have to score, and they haven't been able to in the teams' two matchups so far this year. The secondary guys -- Finley, Barry, Van Exel, Mohammed -- are giving them nothing.

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