Ha Seung-Jin
Center (Rank: #82) | 7-4, 325
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Ha Seung Jin
Teams in the late first round are showing interest in Ha.
Notes: Ha came on the map back in January when SFX agent Bob Meyers traveled to South Korea and signed the 7-foot-3 big man. He's spent the past year living in Los Angeles working out. Ha hired Athletes' Performance to help him trim body fat and become more explosive. He worked out every day in a gym in Santa Monica with a big-man coach and several other former NBA players, including Eddie Griffin and Jelani McCoy. He even hired a yoga instructor to teach Ha balance and flexibility. His father was a former member of the Korean National team Played against Yao Ming in the Asian Games last year and scored just 4 points. Insider traveld to LA in May and watched Ha workout.

Upside: In six months, Athletes' Performance has replaced the body fat with muscle, greatly improved his lateral quickness and vertical jump (he's now up to 25 inches with one step), given him a lot of strength in his lower body (his legs look like tree trunks) and taught him how to run the floor. He was much better athletically than I had suspected

Downside: Surprisingly he was also not quite as good skills-wise as I had heard. His shot is still a little flat, and he had trouble converting any shots that weren't dunks. However, he looked much better during a second day of workouts with the Blazers. His lack of playing experience is what hurts him the most. He's spent a year in the gym learning how to ace an NBA workout. No one's sure how that will translate on the court.

Insider Projection: When you measure 7-foot-4 inches with shoes, have a 7-foot-5 wingspan a 9-foot-7 standing reach and weigh 328 pounds -- people aren't going to worry so much about the basketball skills at this point. He's already had private workouts for the Spurs and Blazers. He was so impressive in Portland on Wednesday that Blazers scouts are flying to L.A. to see him again on Friday. It's obvious he has put in a lot of hard work over the past six months and has improved by leaps and bounds. But workouts are one thing. Playing in a game is another. SFX's decision to take Ha out of games and into full-time training mode has paid off in one area ... but will it backfire in another?



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