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Opponents not respecting LeBron's jumper -- for good reason

LeBron James is struggling to shoot from outside, and opponents know it. He's adjusted by letting Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving share more of the scoring load.

11 things you Indubitably missed when Kawhi and the Spurs were drubbing the Thunder (1:03)
Kevin Durant is the NBA's Next Villain (2:15)
Le Batard: Bosh situation 'super unusual' (1:43)
Henderson and Varejao ejected after tempers flare (1:09)
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Green far better than advertised

Draymond Green may never receive the "superstar" label, but he continues to show that he may be the NBA's best all-around player.

Haywood: No Steph, no problem for Klay (0:45)
Young fan crashes Hornets-Heat game (0:19)
Skip relates Thunder to '85 Lakers, Stephen A. goes off (1:35)
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Larry Bird is the loneliest man in Toronto (0:21)
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How do the Raptors stack up against the Heat? (0:45)
Thompson outscores the Blazers in the first quarter (0:51)
Paul George cruises to 360 slam (0:16)
DeRozan draws contact, still makes shot (0:20)
Will we see Curry in Game 3? (1:09)
POTUS: Kobe and a mic drop (0:20)
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Heat pass emotional Game 7 test to advance

After staving off elimination in Charlotte, the Heat seized control of Game 7 in the second half and moved on to the Eastern Conference semifinals with a 106-73 rout of the Hornets.

Spurs drop 43 on Thunder in first quarter (1:44)
Wilbon thinks Thunder have plenty of fight left in them (0:49)


Mike Mazzeo ESPN Staff Writer 

Raptors coach Dwane Casey on the quick turnaround: "We have to go from exhaling to going 100 miles an hour."

11 things you missed when Spurs drubbed Thunder

There were a lot of phones out trying to capture Kawhi Leonard driving to the basket.


Mike Mazzeo ESPN Staff Writer 

Raptors rookie Norman Powell said he grew up modeling his game after Heat G Dwyane Wade.

Mike Mazzeo ESPN Staff Writer 

Raptors practicing before Round 2 Game 1 against Miami

Mike Mazzeo ESPN Staff Writer 

Raptors G Kyle Lowry just the latest to give praise to Heat G Dwyane Wade calling him a future Hall of Famer.

Mike Mazzeo ESPN Staff Writer 

Raptors G Kyle Lowry said there wasn't much time to celebrate and he was already into the Heat scouting report after Game 7.

Smith: Walton not in best position to succeed

Michael Smith believes free agents are not going to go to the Lakers for new head coach Luke Walton unless and until they see that Walton can help them win.


Ethan Sherwood Strauss ESPN Staff Writer 

Kerr was then asked if Draymond's a superstar. He said, "I'm not sure what a superstar is. Because sometimes that could mean the guy with all the endorsements. Draymond doesn't have all the endorsements yet. The way I would phrase it, instead of superstar, is he a top 10 player in the NBA? In Draymond's case, 100 percent. And I think if you asked all the coaches in the league, they would agree with me on that. He's a top 10 player."

Ethan Sherwood Strauss ESPN Staff Writer 

Kerr was asked if Draymond's the best all around player. He said, "Well all around I think is another phrase for 2-way. I say 2-way. I think Klay has to be considered part of that group. I think Kawhi Leonard obviously is part of that group. LeBron James, there's some obvious ones that you think of immediately. Draymond has not been mentioned in that conversation that often, but he should be. He absolutely should be when you think about what he does for us at both ends. He literally guards 1 through 5. Nobody in the league does that, and then on offense, the way he's turned the corner the last couple weeks with his decision making, he's no longer having those 5 turnover nights. He's zero to 2 turnovers night after night. He's giving us 15 to 20 points. He's getting triple doubles or near triple doubles. So ya, he's on that list. Whatever is your personal list, he's on that list."

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Despite a report LeBron will star in Space Jam 2, no deal is in place sources say. Maybe at some point but not as of yet.

What are Karl's regrets from Kings?

George Karl thinks his comment saying he believes no NBA player is untradeable ultimately hurt his relationship with DeMarcus Cousins.


Le Batard: Bosh situation 'super unusual'

Dan Le Batard says Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat are "at a crossroads that promises to get a little messier."


Waters: Kevin Durant is the next NBA Villain

Comedian Reese Waters thinks Durant should embrace the role of the NBA's most popular antihero.


Stephen A.: If KD leaves, should go to Heat

Stephen A. Smith believes that if Kevin Durant leaves Oklahoma City and signs with the Heat, then Miami would be a lock to win the Eastern Conference.