Lawyer worried son will see explicit material

EAGLE, Colo. -- A lawyer who is worried that his 11-year-old
son, a basketball fan, will see explicit sexual material on
television during the Kobe Bryant case has asked a judge to
prohibit cameras in the courtroom for the basketball star's Oct. 9
preliminary hearing.

John Thompson of Coral Gables, Fla., told Eagle County Judge
Frederick Gannett in a court filing Monday that the hearing could
include detailed allegations about what happened at the resort
hotel where Bryant is accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old
worker on June 30.

Bryant, 25, a Los Angeles Lakers guard, is charged with felony
sexual assault. He has said he had consensual sex with the woman.

"This court cannot and must not ignore, as if they did not
exist, the rights and wishes of millions of parents, inside and
outside this country, to raise their children free of the intruding
details of rape that we now can expect to see on ESPN's
SportsCenter sandwiched between the Major League Baseball
highlights,'' Thompson wrote.

If Gannett denies the request, Thompson asked him to require a
delay of at least 10 seconds for a live broadcast from the hearing
to allow a court-appointed official to delete sexually explicit

Gannett allowed cameras in the courtroom for Bryant's initial
court appearance Aug. 6 over the objections of defense attorneys
but has not said when he might rule on the latest request. He has
threatened to bar from his courtroom news organizations that
identify Bryant's accuser.