Jordan expressed interest in Magic, Bucks

Shortly after the Washington Wizards relieved Michael Jordan of his front-office duties, Jordan and his group of investors expressed interest in buying the Orlando Magic.

Current Magic owner Rich DeVos told the Orlando Sentinel that Jordan tried to buy the Milwaukee Bucks in June and then, when Bucks owner Herb Kohl decided not to sell the team, Jordan looked into buying the Magic.

"Yes, we heard from Michael indirectly," DeVos told the Sentinel in Monday's editions. "He was very interested, but Michael didn't want to put his own money into it. He never does."

While Jordan had the working title of president of basketball operations with the Wizards, he was also a part-owner of the team. But his financial stake in the franchise was never released.

"Michael just wants to buy things with his name," DeVos told the Sentinel, jokingly. "I guess he was talking about a group [of investors] he could have put together [in an attempt to buy the Magic]. He's trying to buy everything. It's just like him getting into this motorcycle-racing business ... "

It had been rumored recently, according to the newspaper, that Jordan was interested in purchasing a motorcycle-racing team.

Magic president Bob Vander Weide told the Sentinel during Orlando's game Sunday at Detroit that Bob Johnson also had inquired about buying the team before Jordan expressed interest. Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, instead bought the expansion Charlotte Bobcats in December 2002.

Despite interest from Jordan and others in purchasing the team, DeVos told the Sentinel that the Magic are not for sale.

"No, we want to see this thing through," DeVos said. "I still enjoy it. We can get this thing turned back around."