Iverson attended practice Monday

PHILADELPHIA -- After fining Allen Iverson for the second time in his short tenure as interim coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, Chris Ford said Monday the matter is closed and both parties
are ready to move on.

Iverson did not attend the Sixers' 81-74 win over the Minnesota
Timberwolves on Sunday because of a stomach ailment on top of the
bruised shoulder that's been plaguing him.

Ford said Iverson will be docked for failing to contact him

One of the first things Ford did after replacing the fired Randy
Ayers on Feb. 9 was made it clear to players that they must speak with
him whenever a problem arises that could cause them to miss or be
late for practice or the pregame shootaround.

One of Iverson's intermediaries called a member of the Sixers
medical staff, but not Ford.

Last month, Iverson was fined for missing the team's first
post-All-Star Game practice in Denver, claiming his chartered
flight out of Los Angeles was delayed.

Ford also benched Iverson the first 7:21 of the Sixers' game
with the Nuggets, infuriating the star guard, who vowed that any
chance of them having a personal relationship was already finished.

But after meeting with Iverson prior to practice Monday, Ford
said there will be no additional repercussions.

"I spoke to him this morning and everything is all right,"
Ford said.

He expects Iverson, who has missed the last four games because
of his shoulder, to return to the lineup Wednesday in New York.

Iverson, who had no comment, practiced Monday.