Two men banned from all events at facilities

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. -- Two men were banned from events at
The Palace for what the Detroit Pistons say is their involvement in
last month's NBA brawl.

John Green and Charlie Haddad were sent letters informing them
of the ban, which also includes events at DTE Energy Music Theatre
in Clarkston, Pistons spokesman Matt Dobek said Wednesday. The
Clarkston site is another holding of the Palace Sports and
Entertainment organization.

Apart from Pistons games, the Palace hosts figure skating
competitions and concerts. The DTE Energy Music Theatre holds
Green, of Oakland County's West Bloomfield Township, is accused
of lobbing a cup at Indiana Pacers forward Ron Artest on Nov. 19,
sparking the brawl. Haddad, of Burt, ran onto the court that night,
Dobek said.

The brawl spilled into the stands and led to three Indiana
players being suspended for 25 or more games, including a
season-long ban for Artest.

"That's ridiculous. Are they going to ban Artest and the other Pacers who ran into the stands and beat up on our fans and the people that live in this community," Shawn Smith, Green's
attorney, said Wednesday. "They're completely picking on the little guy. ... It's not fair."

Ron Baker of MCC Inc., said: "Charlie would like to stress ... he's an avid and loyal Pistons fan. He was injured in that brawl between the Pacers and the fans. He'll have
more to say in the future about it. MCC Inc. is doing public relations work for the law firm representing Haddad.

"He just wants to have his normal life back."

Although not mentioned as part of the ban, the man whom police say threw a chair during the melee has been convicted of assault before, The Detroit News is reporting. According to court documents, Bryant Jackson was a co-defendant in an attempted murder case that was later dropped and also was convicted of assaulting the mother of his child, the newspaper reported.

A message left with Green's attorney Wednesday was not
immediately returned. There is no telephone listing for Haddad.

No criminal charges have been filed in the brawl. Oakland County
prosecutor David Gorcyca said Tuesday that police must finish their
investigation first.

"It is obvious from the multitude of videotapes that numerous
Pacer players and fans are implicated in criminal wrongdoing,"
Gorcyca said in a statement. "To issue charges in haste and before
a thorough investigation is completed would be irresponsible and a
dereliction of our duties."

Gorcyca had told The Detroit News that Pacers players will be
charged but declined to specify the players or charges.