Officials, players contain fight

DENVER -- Minnesota's Michael Olowokandi and Denver's Nene were ejected for fighting Friday night after getting tangled under
the basket and throwing a series of wild punches late in the third

Olowokandi bumped Nene twice as they fought for a rebound at
Minnesota's end with 7.1 seconds left in the quarter, then Nene
pushed him away. Olowokandi followed by pushing Nene in the face,
and the Nuggets' forward charged in throwing punches, landing one
to the side of Olowokandi's head.

The players flailed at each other for several seconds in front
of the scorer's table before being separated and escorted from the

Unlike the fight between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers
that spilled into the stands two months ago, officials and security
were able to limit the fracas to the floor. Olowokandi was booed as
he headed down the tunnel to Minnesota's locker room, but police
officers lined the stands to make sure no one threw anything at

The players also tangled in the second quarter, with Nene
receiving a technical foul and Olowokandi getting a personal foul
for holding Nene.