Jackson not believing Houston's rationale

HOUSTON -- Former Houston Rockets guard Jim Jackson said
Saturday he lost respect for the entire organization when he was
traded to the New Orleans Hornets.

Jackson, who never reported to the Hornets and was traded to the
Phoenix Suns on Friday, told Houston television station KRIV he
didn't believe the Rockets' reasons for trading him.
"The reason they gave me for the trade was that they needed a
point guard and a ball handler," Jackson said. "I handle the
ball. David Wesley is a very good player but has he played point
guard yet? They went out and signed two point guards. So, to me,
that means that it was something else."
Jackson said he wouldn't speculate on the reasons, but said he
thought it was more personal.
"I just lost respect for the whole organization."
The Rockets declined to comment.
Jackson also said he was upset that he was told of the trade by
the coach instead of by general manager Carroll Dawson. It is
protocol in the Rockets organization for the coach to inform
players of trades.
Jackson said he thought the Rockets should have put him "in a
better situation than in a no-win situation with the New Orleans
Jackson forfeited $302,000 in salary for refusing to report to
the Hornets after the December trade.
"It's not about the money for me. If I take a sacrifice or a
loss upfront, it's because my ultimate goal is trying to win and it
paid off for me from that aspect and, again, it was no disrespect
to the New Orleans Hornets."
The Suns sent three players to the Hornets for Jackson. The Suns
are Jackson's 12th team in 13 seasons.
Jackson has a career average of 15.2 points in 805 NBA games.