Ferry's hiring might be affected by Larry Brown

The Detroit Pistons extended the playoffs and with their Game 6 victory over the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night.

Unfortunately for the Cavaliers, that just extends the wait for several front office decisions.

The Cavaliers are expected to offer their general manager position to Spurs director of basketball operations Danny Ferry, according to published reports, but that might hinge on Pistons coach Larry Brown, The News-Herald, a suburban Cleveland paper, reported Wednesday.

Ferry, who played for the Cavs for 10 years, has spoken with Cleveland ownership and indications are that owner Dan Gilbert wants Ferry to be the GM, a source told The News-Herald.

However, according to the source, a deal is not imminent because Ferry prefers to think about his future after the playoffs are over and his hiring could be tied to whether Brown accepts the post as Cleveland's president of basketball operations -- a decision he has also declined to discuss until after the season.

The source told the paper Ferry could still decide to remain with the Spurs, as he is content with his position in San Antonio, and as of a week ago, another source said Ferry wanted an indication of what Brown would do about the offer in front of him.