At least three teams are after McMillan

With at least the Portland Trail Blazers, New York Knicks and the Seattle SuperSonics in the running for the coaching services of Nate McMillan, Sonics CEO Wally Walker confirmed he gave McMillan a deadline of the middle of next week to make a decision on which team he wants to coach, The Tacoma News Tribune reported.

Contractually, McMillan was bound to the Sonics through Thursday at midnight.

"All I said to him was, 'If you want to get started earlier than Friday on this, that is OK,' " Walker told the paper. "It is in everybody's interest to move this thing ahead. But I said by next week we need to circle back to see where you are in the hopes that we can get something done between you and the Sonics. We are not talking to other candidates, we are not pursuing anything, we are not making up a list until you come back and we have that discussion."

Asked why the Sonics aren't lining up other candidates in case McMillan decides to leave, Walker said it was all out of deference to McMillan.

"Out of respect for [McMillan] and what he has done here," Walker told the paper. "We will have that discussion. At some point, and I do think that point is next week, we do need to move ahead on this front. And we have to decide on how close he is to making a decision at that point."

According to league sources, the paper reported that McMillan met with the Knicks on Friday. Another source indicated that McMillan will meet with the Blazers this weekend.