Hornets ticket-holders will receive refunds

NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans Hornets season ticket holders can
get a full refund or keep the money they paid for their seats in an
account with the team that will accrue interest until the Hornets
return to the city, the team announced Saturday.

A check or a credit card reimbursement will be issued after 30
days once a season ticket holder requests a refund. If they choose
instead to keep the money in their accounts, they will receive 4.5
percent interest per year, retroactive to Sept. 1, and that money
can be applied toward 2006-07 season tickets.

All full season ticket holders are being offered a free ticket
to the Hornets' preseason game against the Miami Heat on Oct. 25 in
Baton Rouge. They will also be given priority seat locations for
the team's six regular season games in Baton Rouge.

"We want our season ticket holders to know that we appreciate
their continued support and offering tickets to our preseason game
against the Heat is a small token of that appreciation," Hornets
President Paul Mott said. "We hope to see everyone not only at
that game, but at all six regular season games in Baton Rouge
throughout the season."