Magic send Hill's abdominal MRI to specialist

The Orlando Magic have sent Grant Hill's medical exam to a specialist in California to determine whether Hill tore a muscle above the pubis bone, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Hill underwent magnetic resonance imaging Thursday for what the club first characterized as an abdominal strain.

"It's going to be a few days before we know anything for sure," Magic Assistant General Manager Otis Smith told the paper.

While Magic officials couldn't speculate on how long Hill could be out, it could be for a while if he has torn a muscle or tissue near the groin area.

Coach Brian Hill did use the phrase " ... If Grant is out for an extended period" after the Magic's practice Friday at RDV Sportsplex, the paper reported.

Grant Hill said he felt twinges before Wednesday night's game and later regretted his decision to play.

"It was sore. ... Bugged me a little bit. It got pretty sore in that game," he told the Sentinal. "It feels better -- that's a good thing. We'll just see what everybody says."

Hill told the paper he didn't know the extent of his injury, but joked, "I'm an anatomy-of-the-lower-extremities, below-the-knee [expert]. ... That's [the groin area] not my area of expertise."

Asked if it was standard procedure for MRI results to be sent to the West Coast for evaluation, Hill laughed, "With me, it's standard procedure. Not for anybody else, but it is with me."