Cast removed from Maggette's foot

LOS ANGELES -- The cast was removed from Corey Maggette's
injured left foot Tuesday, and the Los Angeles Clippers said an
X-ray revealed significant healing in the ligament he injured
almost two months ago.

"We will proceed with our intended therapy and rehabilitation
program," team physician Dr. Tony Daly said after examining
Maggette. "We are optimistic about Corey's status. He will be
re-evaluated in two to three weeks, at which time we intend to
determine a further course of action."
Maggette will undergo aquatic therapy and a rehabilitation
program until his next evaluation. His playing shoe has been
altered with a full length carbon fiber shank to allow more
rigidity, the team said, adding Maggette is not expected to
participate in any on-court activities until he is being
The 26-year-old Maggette was injured during a 99-89 victory over
Miami on Dec. 5, and hasn't played since that time, missing 25
games. It was initially thought Maggette had a sprained left foot
but a CT scan revealed a small separation of the ligament between
the bones in the foot.
He is averaging 21.7 points and 5.5 rebounds in 13 games this
season. The 6-foot-6 swingman averaged a career-best 22.2 points in
66 games last season.
Coach Mike Dunleavy said last week he was hopeful Maggette would
return by March 1.