Lakers' McKie starts foundation for kids in Philly

PHILADELPHIA -- Los Angeles Lakers guard Aaron McKie has formed a foundation to help the development of Philadelphia-area children.

The AM8 Foundation will hold community activities and family
oriented events and outings that will expose children to
positive role models, encourage teamwork, reinforce the importance
of education and teach respect for others.

"I am Philadelphia through and through," said McKie, a former Temple standout. "That's why this foundation is so important to
me. I wanted to find the right way to give back to the city that
has been so good to me, and I think that being actively involved in
improving opportunities for children and families is the best way
to go about it."

McKie, who spent 7 seasons with the 76ers, started the
activities this summer with a six-week basketball camp for 65
children ages 12 and under.

McKie hopes to give back to his neighborhood with yearly
basketball activities and a long-term renovation project.

The AM8 Foundation also will sponsor programming for local children that promotes healthy lifestyle choices, stresses the importance of education with book donations and assemblies at local
elementary schools, and provides assistance for families during the