Collapsing basket bruises Bobcats coach Capel's arm

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- A basket collapsed during
Charlotte Bobcats training camp Wednesday, leaving assistant coach Jeff Capel
with a bruised right arm.

Capel said he was standing with Sean May when rookie Ryan
Hollins dunked during a drill in Trask Coliseum at the University
of North Carolina at Wilmington. The dunk caused the collapsable
basket support to come down, interrupting practice for about five

The team reset the basket and resumed practice, with Capel
sporting an ice bag around his right forearm.

"I put my arm to hold it up and it was a little too heavy,"
Capel said with a laugh. "It was that or my head."

Capel's son, Jeff Capel III, played basketball at Duke and now
coaches at Oklahoma.