Pacers' O'Neal now has 'healthy' interest in Team USA

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana forward Jermaine O'Neal may be
interested in a return to Team USA.

Jermaine O'Neal O'Neal

O'Neal declined tryout invitations from Team USA managing
director Jerry Colangelo after last season because of a nagging
groin injury. He said he hasn't decided yet, but playing this year
is a possibility.

"I'm going to talk to Mr. Colangelo at some point this year,"
he said. "I'm going to reach out to him because he reached out to
me a couple of times last year, but it just wasn't the best feeling
in my body."

O'Neal helped the United States win a gold medal in the 2003
Tournament of the Americas Olympic qualifier but was forced to
withdraw from 2004 Olympics due to a knee injury. The U.S. will
compete in the 2007 Tournament of the Americas to qualify for the
2008 Olympic games.

O'Neal said he will likely contact Colangelo by January.