Broadcaster offers on-air apology for sexist remarks

BOSTON -- Boston Celtics radio analyst Cedric Maxwell
apologized on the air Wednesday night for saying that a female
referee should "go back to the kitchen" after he disagreed with
one of her calls.

Maxwell made the comment during the Celtics' 77-72 victory over
the Houston Rockets on Monday. He subsequently said "Go in there
and make me some bacon and eggs, would you?" in reference to
referee Violet Palmer.

"If I said anything that might have been insensitive or sexist
in any way, then I apologize because she worked extremely hard to
get where she is now, end of quote," Maxwell said before the
Celtics' game against the New York Knicks on WEEI-AM, which is
owned by Entercom Communications.

"This really has been a fire storm," he added later.

Maxwell's co-announcer, Sean Grande, followed the apology by
saying their show would not change.

"We are not changing the way we do our jobs because of the
tendency of media outlets to present people's comments in a way
that serves their story," Grande said.

Maxwell declined further comment following the on-air exchange.

Jason Wolfe, Entercom's vice president of AM programming and
operations in Boston, said the station does not condone Maxwell's
comments, which he called a poor attempt at humor.

"Cedric is an excellent analyst and has been an exemplary
employee in the more than 10 years I've known and worked with
him," Wolfe said in a statement.

Entercom owns WEEI and WRKO-AM. Celtics games are usually
broadcast on WRKO, but Monday and Wednesday night's games were on

Maxwell is a former Celtics player and the MVP of the 1981
finals, won by Boston 4-2 over the Rockets. The team retired his
number in 2003.

Entercom fired former WRKO talk show host John DePetro in
November after he called Green Party gubernatorial candidate Grace
Ross a "fat lesbian" on the air. DePetro later apologized.