Iverson hopes to finish career in Denver

Allen Iverson has been in Denver just 2½ months. He already knows he'd like to re-sign in 2½ years.

"I want to be here," the Nuggets guard said Sunday. "I want to finish my career right here."

Iverson, 31, admits he's disappointed with Denver's play since his Dec. 19 acquisition from Philadelphia. But he believes the future remains bright.

Iverson is under contract next season for $19 million and indicated he has no plans to opt out of the $20.8 million he's due in 2008-09. When the summer of 2009 arrives, Iverson is hopeful of re-signing.

"I would love to do that,'' Iverson said. "Hopefully, that's the way it will work."

The Nuggets are 14-20 since getting Iverson and are No. 8 in the Western Conference playoff race. Iverson believed "it'd be a lot better,'' but he is thinking long term.

"I don't want to move to another situation," Iverson said of when his contract runs out. "I like this situation so much. I'm just looking forward to training camp with all of my teammates and not having to deal with the trade and all the injuries. I want to start a whole season and see how well we can do."

Iverson will be 34 when his deal expires. He's "hoping'' to play until he's 38 but is determined not to stagger to the finish line.

"I want to leave the game sort of like Reggie Miller left, just at the point where he was still at a high level," Iverson said. "I want to go out at the top of my game."