Marbury appealing fine for leaving team on road trip

Stephon Marbury has filed a grievance with the NBA over a $195,000 fine assessed by the New York Knicks when he left the team during a road trip, allegedly without permission.

The Knicks intend to waive the fine against Marbury, who has been grieving the death of his father. But Marbury had to file the appeal within 30 days of receiving notice of the fine to preserve his right to fight the fine.

The fine dates back to the Knicks' game against the Phoenix Suns on Nov. 13, which Marbury missed -- reportedly after was told he would not be starting and confronted coach Isiah Thomas. Marbury then returned to New York
and the Knicks fined him a one-game salary.

Marbury, who told the New York Post he had permission from Thomas to leave the team, rejoined the Knicks for their next game in Los Angeles against the Clippers. At the time, ESPN.com reported that Marbury intended to appeal the fine.

Since the incident, Marbury has had to deal with the death of his father.

Don Marbury died Dec. 2 during the Knicks' home loss to the Suns. He was taken from Madison Square Garden to St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center during halftime, reportedly because of chest pains, but a family member advised a Knicks official not to inform Stephon Marbury at the time.

Marbury learned of his father's death from a family friend minutes after the game.

Since his father's death, Marbury has missed seven of the Knicks' last 10 games, including Friday night's loss to the Charlotte Bobcats.

Thomas said Marbury's status for Sunday's home game against the Los Angeles Lakers was uncertain.

"Emotionally he's indicated to us he's just not ready. I think we should all be respectful of that," Thomas said. "I know myself and our organization will be. We'll give him as much time as he needs."